Your Support in Action

In 2016, the MAB-Mackay Foundation contributed more than $2.3 million towards rehabilitation programming and services for the community and for special projects.

Major Projects


C. Elizabeth Tate Low Vision Clinic

Governor's Circle

In recognition of the demonstrated generosity and leadership of the MAB-Mackay Foundation’s closest friends and supporters, our Governors’ Circle was created in 2009. This elite giving circle forms the backbone of our Foundation’s annual fundraising success and provides a dependable source of funds to ensure the continued quality of the programs and services at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre.

We are proud to count among our governors all donors who annually contribute a total of $250 or more. Benefits of the Governors' Circle include a VIP invitation to our annual Donor Appreciation Cocktail and other recognition events, exclusive tours of our programs and facilities, invitations to special events such as White Cane Week in the winter and Deaf Awareness Week in the fall, and recognition in Foundation publications. We are committed to honoring the philanthropic act of our Governors’ Circle members and show the real impact their support makes in the lives of those who depend on the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre each and every day.

CIBC Children's Foundation


The birth of a new baby brings hope and joy.

But for those parents of a newborn that is blind, deaf or motor impaired, the journey is quite different. Imagine being unable to hold your new baby, to provide comfort, to feed, or bond with. The feeling of not knowing what the future holds for your child or family can be overwhelming.

Drawing upon its expertise in pediatric rehabilitation care, the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre created the Multiple Impairment Program for babies and young children with motor, visual and a hearing impairment. The goals of this program are:

  • to promote the child’s developmental potential,
  • to minimize obstacles to their social integration,
  • to teach parents skills to care for their child, and
  • to enhance the quality of life for the child and their family.

This truly special program is unique to the MAB-Mackay, and the only program of its kind the province of Quebec.

The MAB-Mackay Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous support of CIBC Children’s Foundation in helping to make the Multiple Impairment Program a reality and thus improving the quality of life of so many babies and young children born with multiple physical disabilities.

Donor Profiles

The MAB-Mackay Foundation is supported by individual philanthropists, philanthropic companies and other foundations. This section highlights but a few of our many amazing champions.

Morton Brownstein

Pierre Brunet

Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation