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an older person retain their independence. Thank you for your confidence!

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Monthly Giving

The MAB-Mackay Foundation’s Monthly Giving Program offers and easy and affordable way to show your support, while saving postage and time with automatic transactions.

Your gift will be automatically debited from your account on the 15th of each month. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a cumulative tax receipt for your total gift amount. The program is flexible, allowing you to easily increase, decrease, pause or stop you gifts at any time.

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Tribute Gifts

A Tribute Gift to the MAB-Mackay Foundation offers a unique way to mark a special occasion or celebrate a joyous occasion by honoring a family member, friend, co-worker, or someone special who has touched your life. A Tribute Gift is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, a promotion, or as a thank you to show your appreciation.

A Tribute Gift can also be a gift made in memory of a loved one, commemorating a life well-lived. 

Such gifts will not only be appreciated but will share in the sentiment and important work of the MAB-Mackay and will have an important impact on the lives of the thousands of children, adults and seniors who come through our doors each and every day.  

A card acknowledging the occasion will be sent out immediately with a personalized sentiment if you should choose.

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Gifts of Stock

A gift of stock to the MAB-Mackay Foundation is an easy way to help enhance the quality of life and provide a stronger future for people with physical impairments. You can also benefit from tax advantages for the fair market value of your stocks on the date your gift is made.

The value of your donated stocks can be any amount. Your lawyer, accountant or financial planner can advise what method of giving will be the most tax effective for you.

Here is an example of the tax benefits:  


Donate Stocks Directly

Sell stocks and donate cash

Current Fair Market Value (A)



Amount paid for stocks



Capital gain



Taxable capital gain at 50%



Marginal tax rate in Quebec



Tax on capital gain at marginal rate (B)



Charitable tax receipt for gift



Tax savings from donation tax credit (C)



Net cost of donation = (A) + (B) – (C)




Please consult with your tax professional to determine the donation level is the best suited for your situation.

Download a Procedure for Gift of Stock here.

For more information, please contact Sean Zikman, Director of Philanthropy, at (514) 488-0043, extension 1410 or Your inquiry and any information exchanged will be held in strictest confidence.

Leave a Legacy

By making a planned gift to the MAB-Mackay Foundation, you can make the most of your assets while helping us to build a better future for so many in our community with sensory or physical impairments. 

“My late husband Jerzy and I came from Poland many years ago with nothing, and built a life for ourselves here in Canada. When his sight began to deteriorate and he was unable to read or write, we both coped with his depression and loss of autonomy. The MAB-Mackay stepped in and made a meaningful and positive difference in our lives. It made me feel happy and gave me peace of mind to leave a legacy to such a worthy cause as the MAB-Mackay. It is my way to give back and to say thank you.”

-Dr. Jolanta Gutkowska 


About the MAB-Mackay Legacy Society
A planned gift is a charitable donation whose benefit can be felt immediately or at a later date of your choosing. It is a simple act of generosity that will help the MAB-Mackay to develop its vision while allowing you to provide your estate with important tax and income benefits.

Perhaps the simplest way to make a planned gift is to name the MAB-Mackay Foundation in your Will. Gifts can be a specific amount or a percentage or residue of your estate or any other asset. The fiscal advantages that follow can dramatically reduce the taxes to be paid out by the estate.

Life Insurance
This type of giving allows you to make a significant impact through a small annual payment. Several options are available, including designating the MAB-Mackay Foundation as the full or partial beneficiary of your policy. You can also transfer ownership of an existing policy and benefit from significant tax savings.

Charitable Remainder Trusts
This approach allows you to make a substantial contribution that also guarantees you personal income for your lifetime that is tax-free. The trust manages the allocated capital until the time of death, at which time the remaining assets will be transferred to the MAB-Mackay Foundation.


Endowment Funds
This form of planned giving allows you to make a significant gift that is also a lasting legacy in honor or in memory of a loved one. You can specify where the funds will be directed as well as the name of the fund; the MAB-Mackay Foundation will benefit from the income generated on the capital transferred.

Please consult your independent financial or legal advisor before arranging your planned gift. Members of the MAB-Mackay Foundation Legacy Society’s advisory committee are also available to provide professional, confidential advice or assistance upon request.

There are many ways to support the MAB-Mackay through Planned Giving


For more information, contact Sean Zikman, Director of Philanthropy & Stewardship
(514) 488-0043 ext. 1410 or

Corporate Partnerships

The MAB-Mackay Foundation is very fortunate that many local corporations, businesses, and service clubs embrace philanthropy and choose to align themselves with our cause. Such partnerships provide valuable opportunities your company to associate with one of the many centers of excellence in rehabilitation for which the MAB-Mackay is renown, while demonstrating to your stakeholders your commitment to creating a better world and boosting employee morale.

For more information on the many opportunities to co-brand with the MAB-Mackay Foundation, please contact Glenn Massad, Director of Communications, at (514) 488-0043, extension 1405 or



There are many ways to get involved and show your support for the MAB-Mackay Foundation - your gift of time and encouragement are all valuable ways to show that you believe in what we do.

It's easier than you might think to support our Foundation; if you want to learn about us and if you have some time to give as a volunteer, please call our office anytime. If you would like to help out during our special events or are interested in some community outreach projects, we’ve got something for you too!

For further information, please contact Véronique Courey, Director of Outreach and Events, at (514) 488-0043, extension 1408 or

Organize an Event

Each year, we are approached by a variety of people who organize events in order to raise funds and awareness for the MAB-Mackay Foundation. They undertake special projects to help us because of their personal experience at the Centre, the inspiration of family and friends, or simply because they care about the visually, hearing and physically impaired clients that come through our doors.

You too can help our special clients by organizing an event with your school, your friends or your family:  a bake sale, a benefit breakfast or barbeque, a dance or any other activity that you can think of! Please contact us at the Foundation, and we will help you!

For further information, please contact Véronique Courey, Director of Outreach and Events, at (514) 488-0043, extension 1408 or